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Architectural Casters

Enso architectural casters are engineered for more than mere aesthetics. They’re exponentially stronger, smoother, quieter, more hygienic, more versatile, and easier to install than standard furniture casters.

Designed to optimize products and spaces

This is a truly modern caster that complements and completes the final product and space it occupies. The technology inside every Enso caster is covered by numerous US and International patents with additional international patents pending. Our partnerships include visionary companies like Google and Microsoft among others.


Made with a modern aesthetic

Casters should complement the design of the articles they mobilize; like great architecture, it should move both functionally and emotionally. Enso casters deliver an attractive, modern aesthetic that complements any environment. Browse and customize Enso casters for your space below.

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Enso provides hubless casters in 70 mm hybrid or executive, 92 mm low profile, and 100 mm high profile. Caster sizes can also be customized for specific applications.


With more than 50 engineered components per caster, including high-precision chrome steel ABEC radial ball bearings, the Enso caster was sustainably engineered for maximum efficiency.


Built with a modern and customizable aesthetic, Enso casters feature thermoplastic polyurethane tires that provide exceptionally smooth silent and non-marking roll on hard and soft surfaces.


Significant inventory at our Midwest facility, dedicated and consolidated shipping and warehousing from partner factories abroad, and flexible releases make for unmatched supplier confidence, low overhead and leveraged pricing.

Types of architectural casters

Perfect for standard office chairs, tables and case goods, the 70 Mu caster utilizes a high-precision chrome steel radial ball bearing for each caster, paired with two self-lubricating journal bearings. It’s a highly efficient arrangement that allows for exceptionally smooth operation and twice the load rating of typical “high-capacity” chair casters.

The 70 Rokku is a locking caster that with a high-precision chrome steel radial ball bearing on each caster, and two self-lubricating polymer journal bearings. Together, they create exceptionally smooth movement and twice the load rating of typical “high-capacity” chair casters, but with lower costs of production and 30% less weight than the 70 Okina Mu caster. This design is also ideal for typical office chairs, tables and case goods.

The 70 Okina Mu caster provides the ultimate combination of strength, smooth roll and a bold, modern aesthetic. Designed with a 35mm central opening (17% larger than the 70 Mu caster and 25% higher load rating), the 11mm friction sleeve pairs with stem mounts for chair sockets, and plate mounts or threaded stems for case goods.

Originally designed for Google for the Google Jamboard, this larger diameter, low profile wheel complements most cart applications. It features a thinner tire profile than our 100mm caster, while still accommodating transitions over most thresholds (i.e. elevator gaps or flooring transitions) with ease. This caster also works great on chairs, tables and case goods in deeper carpet piles.

Originally designed for the Microsoft Surface Hub, the 100mm high profile caster is our largest diameter tire. This is best used in large and robust cart, table and case good applications where load capacity and threshold accommodation is necessary.

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