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Bearing solutions for medical equipment, carts, & other applications.

Bearing & motion solutions that meet the high standards of healthcare

As a buyer of bearings, casters, and related components for healthcare devices, equipment and other products, you of course have cost (TCO) in mind, and are always looking for the highest quality, design, and superior performance – it is expected by your customers. And more recently, you have the added responsibility of ensuring that the entire supply chain, all the way to raw materials, is sustainable and ESG compliant.


Lower costs and TCO with "right fit" sustainable bearing solutions

The Healthcare industry — including providers, payers, and patients — is one of the leading industries in terms of focus on ESG and sustainability, and decision makers are demanding it in the products and services they buy. OMCO Sustainable Motion provides confidence that the components you are buying for healthcare applications are the right fit for the application, the right cost, and sustainably sourced from responsible manufacturers.

For more information on ENSO casters, click here.

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OMCO SUMO Solutions:

High Quality & Cost-Effective

We find the right fit for each and every application, both from design and procurement standpoints.

Sustainably Engineered & Manufactured

Our thoughtful designs and manufacturing partnerships consider short- and longer-term impacts on people and the environment, and reduction of waste.

Enable Optimal Performance

We utilize proven designs that reduce Total Cost of Ownership through intelligent design and fulfillment.

Backed by Integrity

For nearly 60 years and hundreds of millions of products, OMCO SUMO has proudly stood behind every product we sell.

Research & Insights

Lifting the ESG Curtain on Chinese Bearing Manufacturing

Many factories can produce bearings that meet global standards (for example, ISO 6203–2RS) and are visually indistinguishable from premium brands. However, the production process and resulting product quality can be dramatically different, as well as the impact on the environment and society. To read more click here.

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Research & Insights

2022 ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearings

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How can we help you achieve motion design, fulfillment & ESG goals?

Contact OMCO SUMO for more information on sustainably sourced, ESG compliant solutions for bearings, conveyor chains, and related components, and our proprietary quarterly ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearing Manufacturers, providing granular metrics about an extensive and expanding network of manufacturers throughout Asia.

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