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Conveyor Chain & Components

OMCO SUMO provides conveyor chain & components for industries including Automotive, Paint/Finishing, Bakery, Meat Production, Garment Handling, Box Return, and others. Our solutions reduce initial investment and long-term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Reduce TCO with less downtime, maintenance & power consumption

Conveyor chain is critical to modern manufacturers because its performance is directly related to driving throughput – a key focus across the organization, from maintenance to plant management. As consumers and shareholders continue to increase their demand for safe and sustainable ESG compliant products and companies (especially for food) producers face the challenge of meeting and exceeding this demand while optimizing conveyor efficiency, food safety and operational costs.

Poultry Industry Applications

Sustainably designed and assembled in in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

OMCO SUMO conveyor chains are engineered and assembled in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and then final inspected and tested to ensure conformance to critical specifications. All our conveyor chains are sustainably manufactured and designed to keep plant operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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OMCO SUMO has been key supplier to the world’s most reputable chain-driven conveyor OEMs for over three decades.


Using a “no stone left unturned” approach, we routinely innovate and improve technologies that have remained largely unchanged for more than a century.


Our designs maximize efficiency and product life through improvements to frictional resistance, corrosion and chemical resistance, load accommodation, weight, contaminant prevention, tensile strength, lubrication requirements and maintenance accessibility.


Our solutions are assembled in the USA using proprietary, sustainably manufactured bearings and mating components. Benefiting from an extensive inventory, we are well positioned to quickly respond to customer demand.

High quality, sustainably manufactured conveyor chain & components

Our enclosed track conveyor solutions are designed for maximum hygiene and flexibility, with strength to hold significant weight. Our manufacturing process provides the optimal combination of quality, cost and security.

The drop forged rivetless chain provides extremely flexible and reliable movement on conveyors for a wide array of applications. It is unrivaled in strength, more resistant to corrosion and designed to last. Assembled in Oconomowoc and available in X-348, SL-348, X-458, X-678.

Our conveyor wheels are unmatched in performance and value. They have a proven decades-long track record for resistance to wear, shock load, staking (assembly) integrity, lubrication options, misalignment, and most importantly – elimination of down time.

Our proprietary, sustainably manufactured chain is assembled in the USA and weighs approximately 22% less than current conveyor chain options. ECO-LYNX chains feature patented wheels that use 50% less lubrication and are proven to last up to 400% longer than the industry standard. It improves corrosion and chemical resistance and enhances food safety through contamination prevention. Designed to reduce power consumption and noise, it is a sustainable, cost-saving and highly efficient solution for the poultry industry.

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Research & Insights

2022 ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearings

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Research & Insights

Lifting the ESG Curtain on Chinese Bearing Manufacturing

Many factories can produce bearings that meet global standards (for example, ISO 6203–2RS) and are visually indistinguishable from premium brands. However, the production process and resulting product quality can be dramatically different, as well as the impact on the environment and society. To read more click here.

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How can we help you achieve motion design, fulfillment & ESG goals?

Contact OMCO SUMO for more information on sustainably sourced, ESG compliant solutions for bearings, conveyor chains, and related components, and our proprietary quarterly ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearing Manufacturers, providing granular metrics about an extensive and expanding network of manufacturers throughout Asia.

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