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2022 ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearings

2022 ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearings

Report Overview

OMCO SUMO is the first and only provider of proprietary ESG ratings within the power transmission industry. Report coverage includes an extensive and expanding network of manufacturers throughout Asia that provide high-quality lower-cost products which are also often key suppliers for well-known premium brands. This knowledge allows you to share access to the same sustainable supply chain as premium brands without the accompanying overhead.

ESG and sustainability focused buyers need an objective source of data (at the company and factory level) to verify how and where the product is made. To address this critical need, OMCO SUMO launched in 2Q21 our proprietary ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Ball Bearings and Conveyor Chain Components.

This quarterly report is based on our decades of close partnerships and sustainable sourcing throughout Asia, including detailed information about the ESG footprint and activity at hundreds of bearing and subcontracted component factories, brands they supply, and all local certifications.

What’s included:

  • Company Profile: Name, Ownership, Address, Products, Major Customers/Brands
  • Certifications: Local, Country and Global Certs, Customer Awards
  • Environmental Ratings: Water Usage, Waste Disposal, Raw Material Sources (e.g. Steel)
  • Social Ratings: Management Labor Relations, Health & Safety, etc.
  • Governance Ratings: Bribery & Fraud, Controversial Investments, etc.
  • Relevant News and Media Coverage
  • High Resolution Photos of Plant Exteriors and Interiors (When Possible)

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