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Engineered Assemblies & Components

OMCO Sustainable Motion provides custom engineered bearing assemblies and components that help design and procurement decision makers reduce or eliminate costly and time-consuming inventory and assembly requirements.

Maximizing Quality, Value, and Convenience

We assemble bearings (both OMCO SUMO supplied or from premium brands as appropriate) or with other components such as castings, cold formed parts, forgings, stampings, machined parts, molded components, etc. to produce a completely integrated product designed to meet unique application demands. These components are sustainably manufactured and can also be supplied alone.

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The OMCO SUMO Difference

OMCO SUMO is committed to helping customers achieve sustainable sourcing and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals for bearings, engineered assemblies, and other motion-related components. OMCO SUMO is the first and only provider of proprietary ESG ratings within the power transmission industry covering an extensive and expanding network of manufacturers throughout Asia.

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Consolidated Procurement

OMCO Sustainable Motion is often able to simplify procurement and fulfillment responsibilities for our customers by reducing the number of components sourced from several suppliers in to one integral assembly.

Improved Assembly Efficiency

Automated assembly capabilities yielding several thousand assemblies per hour can provide high efficiency and substantial cost savings. In addition, assembly of additional components can often be consolidated, which results in the elimination of subassembly operations.

Improved Quality

We inspect each engineered bearing assembly following completion, improving overall performance integrity by eliminating the potential for improper installation – commonly cited as the primary cause of premature bearing failure.

Reduced Tooling Expense

Tooling investment can be reduced by 80% or more compared to domestic tooling by utilizing our offshore production facilities and relationships of more than 20 years. These non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs can often be eliminated or dramatically reduced and amortized into annual production quantities.

Engineering Support

Our experienced engineering team routinely works from established customer designs, in cooperation with customer engineering teams for collaboration and potential improvement, or from scratch on new product developments.

Research & Insights

2022 ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearings

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Research & Insights

Lifting the ESG Curtain on Chinese Bearing Manufacturing

Many factories can produce bearings that meet global standards (for example, ISO 6203–2RS) and are visually indistinguishable from premium brands. However, the production process and resulting product quality can be dramatically different, as well as the impact on the environment and society. To read more click here.

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How can we help you achieve motion design, fulfillment & ESG goals?

Contact OMCO SUMO for more information on sustainably sourced, ESG compliant solutions for bearings, conveyor chains, and related components, and our proprietary quarterly ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearing Manufacturers, providing granular metrics about an extensive and expanding network of manufacturers throughout Asia.

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