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Ball & Roller Bearings

With nearly 60 years in business and more than 20 years invested in partnerships across Asia in addition to our US design and manufacturing capabilities, our team offers unparalleled expertise in matching the appropriate bearing design, production facility and quality level for each application.

The OMCO SUMO Difference

The bearings you source for your products have to be reliable, fit the application, reduce costs, and be available when you need them. And your customers, management, and shareholders are demanding that your products are produced in a way that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe for employees, and made from sustainable materials and components from a reputable manufacturer. OMCO SUMO partners with you to achieve all of these objectives.

Ball & Roller Bearings

Bearing solutions for engineering & procurement professionals

You are under pressure to reduce costs (and increase margins) in an increasingly competitive global environment, and bearings and related components and assemblies can be a significant driver of cost savings. While the standard bearing industry largely relies on inter-industry trading between manufacturers who specialize in particular types and sizes, OMCO SUMO works directly with many of the same manufacturers that are supplying premium global brands. We have also designed and manufactured more than 2000 custom bearing designs in Wisconsin since our establishment in 1964. OMCO SUMO provides confidence that the bearings you are buying are the right fit for the application, cost advantageous, and sustainably manufactured.

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SUMO ABEC ground precision bearings covers all ANSI/ABMA and ISO standard inch or metric sizes. In addition, we have produced more than 2000 custom bearing designs. In both cases, our offering is ideally suited for OEM production requirements.


Standard ground bearings are produced by dedicated ISO/TS certified partner factories throughout Asia. Custom bearings can be produced either in China or at our Wisconsin facility. Significant volume and experience with those resources allow us to offer products priced well below industry standard.


Available in a complete range of material, seal, lubrication and clearance specifications, as well as meeting Electric Motor Quality (EMQ), Z3/V3 noise and vibration standards, and from Unground/Non-ABEC up to ABEC 7 tolerance ratings.


Significant inventory or just-in-time manufacturing at our Midwest facility, dedicated and consolidated shipping and warehousing from partner factories abroad, and flexible releases/favorable terms makes for an unmatched level of supplier confidence, low overhead and leveraged pricing.

High quality, sustainably manufactured ball & roller bearings

Intended for carrying heavy radial loads at high speeds. These models feature low friction, high stiffness, and greater allowance for axial displacement.

The most widely used and versatile type of bearing. They have low friction and are optimized for minimizing noise and vibration, enabling high speeds of rotation.

These models feature bearing inside a housing that can easily be bolted onto a substructure and support a rotating shaft, thereby and cost-effectively eliminating the need for machining a separate bearing housing.

For applications requiring a smaller size and weight. Typical features are a smaller cross-section, ability to carry higher loads, more rigid, and lower inertia forces.

Used for applications with high radial and axial loads. These models are suited to accommodate misalignment during operation to extend service life and reduce maintenance.

Often used in pairs for a broad range of applications requiring accommodation of combined loads in a rigid operation with low friction.

Typically produced with a full ball complement, this type of economical design is ideally suited for lower speed, custom application requirements (i.e. geometry, material, coating, accommodation of misalignment or shock load, etc.).

Research & Insights

2022 ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearings

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Research & Insights

Lifting the ESG Curtain on Chinese Bearing Manufacturing

Many factories can produce bearings that meet global standards (for example, ISO 6203–2RS) and are visually indistinguishable from premium brands. However, the production process and resulting product quality can be dramatically different, as well as the impact on the environment and society. To read more click here.

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How can we help you achieve motion design, fulfillment & ESG goals?

Contact OMCO SUMO for more information on sustainably sourced, ESG compliant solutions for bearings, conveyor chains, and related components, and our proprietary quarterly ESG Ratings Report for Chinese Bearing Manufacturers, providing granular metrics about an extensive and expanding network of manufacturers throughout Asia.

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